Torsion springs

RVF: the spring specialist

A spring is an extraordinary component capable of rendering a mechanism active for a long time – almost forever. The intensive use of this component requires complete mastery of its design and environment.

We manufacture quality springs based on ISO 9001:2000 certification, which is made possible thanks to our highly-experienced employees and powerful IT communications networks (CRM, CAD, ERP, SPC, CAM).

The springs are obtained by means of a series of specific automated steps which abide by specifications and comply with ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949.

All springs produced by RVF can be made with stainless steel, steel, bronze, brass, etc.

Our springs can also undergo special operations, such as:

  • ultrasonic cleaning More info
  • specific conditioning More info
  • anti-noise treatment More info
  • non-slip treatment More info
  • tribofinishing More info
  • grit blasting More info
  • grinding More info
  • microbead blasting More info
  • surface treatment (Delta Seal, Delta Tone, laminar zinc coating, colour marking, painting, etc.) More info

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